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Monthly Archives: October 2013

  • Meet Neville

    Let's begin by setting the record straight: we've got nothing against the modern metrosexual male. We're as interested in looking our very best as the next man. (We might draw the line at men wearing eyeliner, but that's another story).

    But here's the thing: we want to do our grooming in an unashamedly masculine way. And we don't think we're alone: the recent revival of the classic barbershop only proves that there are some things men like to do in their own company, and quite frankly grooming is one of them.

    You know where you are with a barber's chair and a wooden-handled razor. But there's more to it than that: one thing we love about the old-fashioned approach to male grooming is the pride in the precision; the fact that there's a real art to a proper close shave and its reliance on the very best, time-honoured tools of the trade.

    At Neville we don't like messing with tradition; we just like updating it a bit. And the other thing we love is how good, old-fashioned grooming can just make you feel so damn great. It's no wonder that men are investing more time than ever on their grooming regimes. That little bit of extra time invested, a dab of scrub, a splash of face tonic - they're the things that set you up for the day.

    It's a cut-throat world out there: a man needs to be ready.