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Monthly Archives: January 2014

  • Barber Bio #1: Jason Hecker

    Our barbers have been busy getting to know the members at Shoreditch House through Barber & Parlour, a unique grooming space on the fourth floor but we thought it was high time the rest of the world begins to put a face to the talented men and women putting Neville into practice.

    Meet Jason Hecker, South African born this handsome fellow brings some of the finest barbering skills with him to his role specialising in luxurious shaves and precision cutting. As far as we're concerned there is nothing Mr Hecker can't handle.

    His story is simple... After completing a degree at the South African National School of Photography he turned his talents towards shooting for a top modelling agency.
    It was through this that he discovered his passion for hair. Studying at the Carlton Hair Academy he learnt the art of men's and women's hair cutting and styling.

    From this he really tuned in to the needs of the modern male; "I felt at the time the modern male needed more in grooming with traditional techniques, such as wet shaves and old school precision barbering". A man after our own hearts here at Neville Jason is focused on the refinement of the past mixed with the performance of the present.

    After realising a need to make men look their best he decided to travel to London.   Jason has continued  to excel in  barbering and is now an asset at Barber & Parlour, Shoreditch House.

    We look forward to introducing the faces behind Neville as we continue to bring our products and our techniques to the world.